Jul 14

António Henriques da Silva: “We have to learn more and more, how to promote the image of Angola”

On June 23, António da Ressureição Henriques da Silva completes six months ahead of the Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Exports of Angola (APIEX). It is an institution whose mission is the promotion and attraction of investment and exports. Despite the short consulate,the Chairman of the Board ensures that the balance is positive. The Agency’s fingerprints are in some projects underway in the country, but he want’s more. To this effect, the CBD continues to interact with many international investors, as a group of more than 20 Polish entrepreneurs  visit Angola on July 4 in search of business and national partners.

How do you see the world of private investment?

We view the world of private investment as a world of challenges. These challenges turn out to be large, in that, with the new strategy of diversification of the economy, sectors and the activities themselves have a much broader scope.

How are we as a country able to capitalize on these opportunities that end up being also inserted in the set of measures that are being taken in order to be facilitated investments embedded in the diversification of the economy as such and direct private investment attraction or foreign to our country? In the framework of this strategy, they were also created incentives and a set of other measures exactly for this purpose. We feel that the appetite for the Angolan market remains.

We note that the lack of knowledge of our market in some cases is also an inhibiting factor , but it is important we as a country through institutions operating in the promotional activities and investment within itself take increasingly collective positions so that the world will know the potential of Angola.