– 2nd largest investment destination in Africa in 2014;

– 7th largest territory in Africa;

– 5th largest producer of diamonds;

– 2nd largest oil and gas producing country in Africa;

– Bilateral agreements of Promotion and protection of investments with Germany,

Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa and Guinea Bissau.

– Access to 12% of African groundwater whose main rivers are Kwanza, Zaire, Cunene and Cubango;

– Rich variety of fauna and flora, featuring the world’s second largest forest in the world, the Mayombe

–Main 25 minerals such as diamond , iron, gold , phosphates , manganese, copper, lead , zinc, tungsten, tungsten, titanium , chromium, marble, granite and uranium;

– Microclimates;

– Political and economic stability since 2002;

– Younger and growing middle class workforce;