Required Documentation

  • Project Overview Application Form
  • Company Status
  • Certificate of commercial registration
  • Technical, economic and financial feasibility study of the project
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Documents certifying the financial situation of the company
  • If the applicant is a natural person (foreigner) than he shall submit a copy of a valid passport, criminal record (certified by the consulate of Angola in the investor’s country of origin) and Medical Certificate
  • If it’s a transfer of shares of a national legal person to a legal person of foreign law it should also be part of the documentation the deliberative minutes of the Assembly of the members of the transferee company (which will acquire the shares) to act within on such acquisition as well as the documentation of the national society (deliberative minutes on the transfer of shares as well as the company’s statutes and certificate of commercial registration, if it’s a legal person)
  • All the duplicate, translated and certified information
  • APIEX can help you to prepare all documentation pertaining to the investment process, which should then be addressed to the appropriate agency, depending on the value of the project
  • Projects up to USD 10,000.000 are received, evaluated and approved by the Technical Units for Investment Support, of the Ministry of the project supervision.
  • Projects above USD 10,000.000 are received, evaluated and approved by the Technical Units for Private Investment, of the Civil House, tutored by the Executive Power

General Investment Procedures

General Investment Procedures_001

Investment Procedures

investment procedurespdf_001


Social Insurance contributions

  • Employer retains 3%
  • Employer pays 8%

Main taxes

  • Industrial Tax 30%
  • Capital Gains Tax 10%
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax. 2%
  • Consumption Tax on Services 5% – 10%
  • Taxes on labor income 0% – 17%
  • Tax for training 0, 5%