The investment proposal can be submitted through the electronic submission platform (under construction) or through direct contact with AIPEX.

Required Documentation

  • Investment proposals should be submitted in digital or physical format and in Portuguese language with the following documentation:
    1. Project Overview Application Form;
    2. Legal identification of the promotors (National Identity Card or Passport);
    3. Company registration document;
    4. Power of Attorney, if applicable;
    5. Documents certifying the financial situation of the company, such as proof of funds issued by a financial institution or bank guarantee;
    6. Documents issued abroad must be duly recognized and authenticated by Angolan consular services in the country of origin;
    7. Environmental Impact Study, depending on the activity to be undertaken by the project.


Tax exemptions are granted to projects depending on the investment scheme in which they are framed in:

Prior Declaration Regime:applies to private investments in the sectors considered priorities in the law of private investment;

Special Regime:applies to investments in the priority sectors defined in the private investment, while the tax benefits are granted according to the area of development in which they are carried out.

  • Tax Reductions in the Prior Declaration Regime:

Prior Declaration

  • Tax Reductions in the Special Regime:

Special Regime

  • Reintegration and Amortization of Tax increases


Other Concessions:

  • The special investment vehicle in the special regime is exempt from the payment of taxes and emoluments owed for any service requested, including customs duties, by an executive entity during a five-year period.
  • AIPEX provides the following fast-track procedure services to investments under the special regime:
    • Registries of legal, fiscal and social security;
    • Registration of intellectual property, movable goods and real estate;
    • Acquisition of activity license, construction license, environmental license or other types of licenses;
    • Hiring of electricity or water services;
    • Acquisition of visas or residence permits;
    • Other registrations, licenses, and administrative services necessary to the execution of private investment projects.