For purposes of the concession of tax and customs incentives to investment operations, Angola is divided into the following development zones:

ZONE A: Province of Luanda, the capital-municipalities of the Provinces of Benguela, Huíla, Cabinda and the Municipality of Lobito.

ZONE B: Other provinces ( Cabinda , Bié , Cunene , Huambo, Kuando Kubango , Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Moxico, Zaire, Bengo, Kwanza Norte , Kwanza Sul , Malanje , Namibe , Uíge ) and the remaining municipalities of the provinces of Benguela and Huila.

Priority Areas

Farming and cattle-breeding, processing industry, fishing and derivatives industry;

Requirements of Partnership

Partnership with Angolan citizens, public capital companies or Angolan companies, equal or more than 35 % of the capital and effective participation in management, in the following sectors:

  • Electricity and Water
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Civil Construction
  • Telecommunications and Information Technologies
  • Social Communication

Total State Intervention

  • Production or distribution of ordnance ;
  • BNA (National Bank of Angola) and currency;
  • Construction of Ports and Airports;
  • Basic infrastructure for telecommunication networks.

Restraint Intervention

  • Basic Telecommunications System;
  • Postal Service.


Granting tax incentives is the result of a case-by-case analysis of projects and are limited to the provision mentioned in the Private Investment Law 14/15, of August 2015.  Fiscal incentives and benefits are neither a rule nor an automatic or indiscriminate concession or are granted for an unlimited time period.

However, private investors willing to benefit from tax incentives must meet all the following requirements:

  • An internal investment with an overall amount corresponding to USD 500.000 (five hundred thousand American dollars) or more;
  • An external investment with an overall amount corresponding to USD 1.000.000 (one million American dollar) or more;
  • Legal and tax conditions for the conduct of their activity
  • No outstanding debts to the State and to the Social Security
  • No debts in arrears to financial institutions;
  • A proper set of accounts adequate to the demands of assessment and monitoring of the investment project.

The extraordinary granting of tax benefits is for investments with a global amount corresponding to USD 50,000,000.00 or more and managing 500 jobs of national citizens in Zone A or 200 jobs in Zone B.

Reinvestment, modernization and expansion projects benefit from the same incentives according to the criteria in the following table:

Tax Incentives_001

The exemption period is calculated cumulatively in accordance with the percentage of the requirements indicated in the table. Tax benefits terminate immediately under circumstances in which the investor benefited from savings in taxes non-delivered to the State in an amount equal to the effected investment or following a maximum period of 10 years.