SIGIP. Integrated Platform for the Submission and Management of Private Investments.

It’s the fulfillment of the concept of “one stop service”. It’s a multi-channel platform, online, designed to be the main point of contact with investors, allowing the Investor to:

  • Register themselves in SIGIP;
  • Receive credentials to SIGIP in their email;
  • Create an application from any location;
  • Complete the application in stages and submit only when he/she is ready;
  • Make corrections to the application without having to physically go to a technical unit for private investment;
  • Monitor the progress of the application online;
  • Be notified via email about the status of the application.

SIGIP was designed to accelerate and optimize the entire process of submission and consequent analysis of investment projects, avoiding unnecessary travel and facilitating the process for the investor.

Investors’ Rights

– Repatriation of profits and dividends;

– Access to domestic and foreign credit;

– Access to courts, fair and non-discriminatory treatment, protection and security;

– Respect for professional secrecy and privacy;

– Fair, prompt and effective compensation in the event of an expropriation;

– Industrial property rights and intellectual property guarantees;

– These and other rights are guaranteed without prejudice to other mentioned in Agreements and bilateral conventions.

Investors’ Duties

-Meet the deadlines and contractual conditions;

-Promote training and framework of national workforce;

– Pay taxes, fees and other contributions;

– Respect the rules on Safety, Hygiene and Health Protection at Work as well as those aimed at protecting the environment.